• BRIEF HISTORY : Computerized Vehicle Inspection CVI is a process whereby sophisticated equipment are used to check if a vehicle conforms to regulations governing safety standards in a country and if it is fit to be on the roads thus a ROAD WORTHY VEHICLE. As significant as this innovation is , Computerized vehicle Inspection did not exist in Nigeria until the year 1998 when Mr Segun Obayendo ,The MD/CSO Temple Group Ltd. came on board burning with a passion for safety on our roads through a more reliable inspection means. Prior to this, it was the visual/manual inspection of Vehicles that was done. Though the manual/physical inspection has a place in inspection, it is limited as this cannot holistically detect or verify the true state of a vehicle.

This journey began in 1998 when Temple Resources Ltd a registered/founding Company of vehicle inspection in Nigeria was established to undertake and engage in training and capacity building, Haulage & Vehicle Testing Technologies, among others. In November 2012, Temple Resources Limited was licensed by the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA), Abuja to operate Computerized Vehicle Testing Centres in the territory. This led to the birth of the first Computerized Vehicle Inspection Centre in Nigeria called Abuja Computerized Vehicle Testing Service (ACVTS) on the 1st of September 2014 through public private partnership with the FCTA.


Since our existence and presence in Nigeria, vehicle inspection has been taken to a whole new level as we have not only upgraded vehicle inspection to the 21st century standards of routing checks which includes emission test, brake test, suspension test, alignment test, underneath checks in conformity with safety standards, we have in addition provided our customers with enjoyable services like OBD scan which totally checks a vehicle revealing every iota of defects it has and more.

This innovation has increasingly gotten acceptance from different quarters and has given birth to 30 computerized vehicle testing stations in more states of Nigeria like Lagos, Niger, Anambra, Kogi, Ondo, Rivers, Ebonyi, Abia , Kano ,Kwara, Ogun  and Edo State with others under construction.


With this feat, we ensure that about one million (1,000 000) Vehicles are tested annually for the purpose of ascertaining their worthiness on roads and for the issuance of Road Worthiness Certificate.

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