Celebration of Stakeholders-TLEA AWARD 2019


he award celebrates stakeholders who have been strategic in promoting sustainable development in the transportation sector for the singular purpose of ensuring safety of lives and properties.
Specifically, the TLEA award celebrates the future of the transportation sector and heralds a definitive moment in creating quality service delivery, public services integrity, customer relations, and priority of lives to road users among others.

The Transport and Logistics Excellence Award (TLEA) is the highest honour accorded to stakeholders to recognize their outstanding achievements as a way to reward them for their contributions in the transportation sector such as:

1. Improving traffic management and enforcement
2. Establishing policies for functional and accessible road construction.
3. Deployment of technology and innovations in transport service delivery.
4. Setting an enviable standard in Customer Relations.
5. Promoting a healthier environment
6. Capacity development and enhancing quality service development
7. Supporting expansions in the transportation industry
8. Cultivating connections to ease the process of doing business in transportation sector
9. Promoting safety of lives and properties on the roads through sound value system and discharge of duties with a high level of professionalism.

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